Have you found yourself a cheerleader?

“Why did you share my mom’s journey on Facebook? Why did you make it so public?”

People often ask me about my mom and her journey and why I elected to share it on Facebook. A quick response – Accountability and Support. If I could elaborate. When my mother came to me ready to begin this journey, again – I questioned her pertaining her commitment, her goals and her ability to stick with it. My questions were not to quench my disbelief in her abilities but to inspire and challenge her. We had been down this road before. I knew I could support her but that alone would not be enough – I knew she needed a team of cheerleaders and a host of accountability partners.

Entering our 10th week, 63 days in, she had lost almost 30lbs and had people cheering her on from every direction –mom2 at church, at work, in the gym, on the street…

Entering our 14th week, 91 days in, she had lost almost 40lbs. She had people cheering her on from every direction, asking her questions and helping to hold her accountable… ask her how many times she heard, “can you eat that?”

Entering our 18th week, 119 days in, she had lost almost 50lbs. By this time she was leading a weight loss program at her church coordinating fitness instructors and encouraging others…

Here we are entering our 38th week… we have reached our 43rd week goal! We set a goal of losing 75lbs by my mom’s birthday on October 27th. On today she weighed in and she’s there! 75lbs lost since January 6th!

Can I tell you a secret? My mom has already lost a total of 100lbs since last summer. She had begun losing weight before we connected this way. She had lost weight, got stuck, gained weight and repeated the cycle. She was in the stuck phase when we had our conversation in January. Imagine what would have happened if she didn’t have someone saying, you can do it! Imagine if she didn’t have a team cheering her on and holding her accountable.

We all need someone to cheer us on, offer support and accountability. Asking for support can be hard but the reward is worth it! 




author: Coach Chan

Maria Green

This is why I love you and your mom you guys don’t stop until results manifest and you keep inspiring people to keep going and don’t give up, I’m not where I want to be with my weight but I’m definitely not where I use to be only because I had you two that believed in me. I’m still pressing & persevering towards my goal, often times when I’m running I can hear your voice and Pastor Little voice saying you can do this!!!!!

Coach Chan

Maria, you’ll reach your goals and continue to inspire others along the way! Great job to you and all of your accomplishments. We’ll all continue to press forward together!

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