21 Day Shred

Last Monday I began the 21 Day Shred and …

Day 1 might have been the hardest day of my life, or at least that’s how it felt in the moment. I kicked off my 21 day shred with a 3 day detox. I was not prepared in anyway, especially mentally. Coming off of the holidays I had not done any meal prep nor did I have a lot of food in my fridge. The detox simply consisted of fruits, veggies, brown rice, oats, beans, tofu, eggs and yogurt – yep, that’s it! I had oils to cook with and as much many herbs and spices to liven things up but I wasn’t ready and it showed. I completed Day 1 very unhappy – that’s real. Day 2 however, I was a little more prepared. I had 6 good meals

Day 2

Breakfast: Strawberry smoothie with 1 cup strawberries and 6 oz. nonfat plain Greek yogurt

Snack: Brown rice cakes with ½ avocado + 2 boiled egg whites

Lunch: Kale, black eye peas, brown rice and broccoli

Snack: Fresh juice (spinach, mango, pineapple, ginger) +2 boiled egg whites

Dinner: Chickpea Ratatouille

Day 3

Breakfast: 4 egg whites with spinach and mushrooms, ½ potato

Snack: Brown rice cakes with ½ avocado + 2 boiled egg whites

Lunch: Chickpea Ratatouille

Snack: Fresh juice (spinach, mango, pineapple, ginger) +2 boiled eggs

Dinner: Lentils with spinach


I share this with you because you don’t have to begin your 21 Days unprepared – you can choose to commit and get prepared today! At the end of my detox I felt lighter, refreshed and energized. Its purpose wasn’t to lose rapid weight or “cleanse my liver and kidneys” like a lot of “detoxes” propose. I actually encourage avoiding supplements and other “cleansing systems”. For my mental, spiritual and physical health I detox to exercise discipline – to remove processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replaces them with more whole foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains – eating like this often seems foreign but it’s the most natural thing for our bodies. This clean-eating approach is what our 21 Day Shred is about. If you stick to the plan, it doesn’t matter what level you choose, you WILL LOSE weight and shred not only fat but hopefully you’ll drop some of the bad habits that you’ve accepted and practice. Those things are engrained and now seem natural BUT it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you commit to this 21 Day Shred – not just the diet and exercise, but the philosophy, you will be on your way to living healthier. For this reason this is the “Start” of our 100 Days of Health.


Last week I posted about our start,


Yes, activity every day – go for a walk, spend 30 minutes or so cleaning, or active play. In addition to the activity you will need to complete a 30-60 minute cardio workout 3-5 times a week. There are levels to this:

Level 1: Stick to the nutrition plan 5 days and complete 3 or more 30 minute workout sessions a week.

Level 2: Stick to the nutrition plan 6 days and complete 4 or more 30-45 minute workout sessions a week.

Level 3: Stick to the nutrition plan 7 days and complete 5 – 30-60 minute workout sessions a week.”

*The nutrition plan is posted in our 100 Days of Health, Start!

You have some questions to ask yourself and some decisions to make.

  1. Can I commit to this?
  2. If yes, what level can I commit to?
  3. How will I find support and accountability?


Know that you aren’t alone. I am committed with you #live360together – I committed to Level 2 – seems the most reasonable for my life right now. Today I will prepare some healthy meals for the week. I am excited to try the Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Brussel Sprouts recipe our dietician Sarah posted this past week. Here’s what else is on my menu this week:

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
+ steel cut oats w/ berries

+ veggie quiche

+ granola with greek yogurt





+ chickpea ratatouille

+ white bean + veggie wrap

+ lentil loaf, cabbage + sweet potato




+ cauliflower soup

+ veggie omelet

+ loaded spaghetti squash





+ protein shake / smoothie

+ veggies with hummus

+ brown rice cake with almond butter

+ carrots with ranch yogurt dip

+ apple with peanut butter


*I don’t use flaxseeds in my lentil loaf, I use an egg instead. I also don’t make the sauce, just topped with tomato sauce with basil.

Whether you are on your 7th day like me or whether you are choosing to begin – you can do this!

All the Best,

Coach Chan


author: Coach Chan


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