Bye Bye Baby Weight!

6 months ago I participated in the 360Approach Fall Fitness Challenge…

The last bit of baby weight from my second child just didn’t want to come off on it’s own (said baby was almost 2 years old), and I was tired of feeling like I was never going to get my body back.  I was already working out consistently, both cardio and strength, so I didn’t feel like I needed any huge changes there.  Overall I ate fairly healthy – lots of fruits & veggies, very little fast food or fried foods, mainly whole healthy things.   But, I knew my very bad sweet tooth and almost-nightly glass of wine were probably not helping. I was also very good at justifying eating pretty much whatever I wanted since I didn’t eat junk food and worked out religiously.   So, I signed up for the FFC hoping to lose 5-10 pounds, clean up my diet, and feel better in general.


I followed Chan and Sara’s diet plan- cut out sweets & alcohol, focused on more fruits & veggies, tracked everything I ate in MyFitnessPal, and started paying attention to portion sizes.  Over the course of 2-3 months, I ended up losing around 17 lbs – far exceeding my initial goal – I even survived the holidays!  I felt great eating healthy foods and not eating all the sweets and treats I used to let myself feel like I needed.   By changing my eating habits (my workouts pretty much stayed the same), I realized how important that piece of the puzzle was.  I could work out all day long, but if I didn’t pay attention to both what and how much I ate, I would not reach my goals.


6 months in, I’m still going strong!  This was a lifestyle change for me, not just a temporary diet or a one-time challenge.  Viewing it as a lifestyle change has really made all the difference for me.   Thanks, Chan, for all you do for us!

author: Coach Chan


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