F.I.T for Runners

F.I.T for Runners



Level: Easy
Limit of participants

F.I.T for Runners.

Functional Integrated Training for Runners. Maybe you are a marathoner or just getting started. This class is for you with run drills, core work, proper stretching, and strength training. The combination will help you run your best.

This class will help you build strong, powerful, and injury-resistant muscles that will help you power up hills, sprint across the finish, and maintain good running form mile after mile. Best part of all? The many benefits of strength training for runners include injury prevention and performance! Whether your goal is simply to run easier with less pain or to run faster in your next race, a few strength sessions every week can help. Using runner-specific strength exercises will increase structural fitness—or the ability of your bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles to withstand the impact of running. Sign up today.