Level: Normal
Limit of participants

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 9:30am

SY50 is the perfect class with approximately 30 minutes of Super Circuit Training and 20 minutes of Yoga. This combo class begins with a 30-minute super circuit designed to engage each muscle group and get your heart pumping. The brisk pace of the workout will double as cardio, while the sequencing offers a great advantage, resulting in greater strength and muscle gains. Although you’ll train for only a fraction of the time that most people do, you’ll suffer no disadvantage but will reap rewards as you step onto the mat for you 20 minutes of yoga.


On the mat you’ll continue to build heat moving through a series of poses, strengthening, stretching, and finding flexibility to improve and compliment your workout regiment. Your heart rate will slowly come down. This class will leave your body feeling worked and spacious, and your mind in a restful ready state. It is an awesome workout and a great way to introduce yourself to circuit training, yoga or both. No experience is necessary, and this class is appropriate for all ability levels.