Part-time Fitness Enthusiast

I’m a part time fitness enthusiast and a full time husband, father, and network engineer.


Being healthy and being a father can sometimes conflict and present some challenges. Our 4 month old requires middle of the night feedings, which can make it difficult to muster enough energy to attend  the morning workout classes that I love. Having a supportive spouse and specific goals definitely helps, as do the friendly, familiar faces I see at The 360 approach each morning.

I firmly believe people make time in their lives for the things that are most important to them. So even with sleep deprivation, I always tried to make the time to exercise and eat fairly healthy. My families’ needs are most important to me, but part of being an active and present father/husband is making sure my own health is a priority as well. After all, my son and my wife are depending on it.

Participating in the 6:15 classes at 360 allows me to get a good workout in prior to the work day starting, and still offers me the freedom to spend time with my family later in the day after work. It gets the day started off right, and also gives me a sense of accomplishment that I carry with me throughout the day. Being healthy and participating in the community that Chan has built has made me a more balanced and happy individual. This in turn has allowed me to be a more focused, committed,  and involved husband & father.

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author: Coach Chan


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