Positive Self-Affirmation and Power

I am a father of three.  I have been physically active all my life, as a high school athlete, an intramural sports enthusiast in college and graduate school, and a YMCA regular.  However, like many others,  the increasing demands of professional and family life took its toll on the frequency, intensity and results of my workouts.

Poignantly, I recall that after the birth of my first child, I regularly cruised past the exit to my gym in the rush of excitement to get home.  Life was fun and full.  And slowly, surely and steadily, I relaxed into it and grew soft and fat! Oh, I never let go completely. I played basketball when I could, hit the weight room in furious spurts, and  shuttled back and forth between the elliptical and stair master machines. At times, I’d throw down the gauntlet and take up jogging–never my favorite form of exercise, but my go-to form of self-punishment and stoic challenge. Despite this, the math is what it is:  2 pounds a year for twenty years invariably adds up to 40 extra pounds.

Something had to give!

I met Chan Little, a couple years before I ever stepped foot in the360Approach gym she owns. As kind and gentle as she is, for the physically unfit, meeting Chan can be more than a little intimidating.  Warm and charismatic, Chan has an energy that paradoxically is light and inviting but intense. Each time I saw her I swore I was coming to her gym–soon– and joked out-loud that surely a fitness guru like her could not wait to get her hands on someone like me! Haha…this joke reminds me of one of my father’s favorite expressions: “like a mosquito in a nudist colony– so much to work with!”

Last fall, I took the plunge.  I signed up for an assessment with Chan at the The 360 Approach, and  started training with her.

My experience has been nothing short of transformative for body, mind and spirit. My body: over the course of 8 months I’ve dropped over 40 pounds, lost 8 inches and reduced my body fat by 5%. I’m leaner, stronger and have significantly more energy, endurance and vitality. My mind: Chan introduced mindfulness into my eating (and drinking) and exercise,  and helped me establish  personal accountability. She set me up on MyFitnessPal, a personal fitness app, which allows me to set, track and assess my performance against caloric and nutritional goals. I’ve always thought of myself as a conscientious eater. Now I can track and assess my reality. This knowledge is powerful and empowering. It allows me to make choices.  If I want that beer I can have it, but I’ve got to work off those 225 calories!  It’s amazing how facing this reality dampens my enthusiasm for a beer. Training with Chan has put me in the driver’s seat in controlling my body and weight. My spirit: I am a physical person and an athlete at heart. Working with Chan has renewed my connection with that essential part of self.  There is positive self-affirmation and power in this re-connection.

While I am still early in the journey of improving my fitness, health and nutrition, I am grateful to Chan Little and the community at the The 360 Approach for starting and supporting me on this journey. Chan is more than a trainer. She is changing lives, and I feel fortunate to be among those already transformed by working with her.


author: Coach Chan


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