Sara Andrews



Sara Andrews is a Registered Dietitian and health enthusiast whose day job is in health research. Sara has worked as an instructor for a weight-management course, and she was a science teacher in a previous career. Together, all of Sara’s work experiences have given her a deep appreciation for health education, individuality in health, fact-finding, fad-avoiding, and strong science.

Part of what inspired Sara to become an RD was her own complicated relationship with food and health. After years of dieting in her youth, Sara learned that eating whole, wholesome foods in moderation is the only “diet” that works for her. Sara believes that daily physical activity and plant consumption are literally the best medicine for physical and mental health. Furthermore, as someone who has struggled with body-related self-esteem, Sara has shifted her focus from striving for the perfect physique to striving for personal wellness and happiness – and the muscle definition she’s gotten from working out with Chan and Sariah is just icing on the cake…or rather, almond butter on the toast.

Sara believes that it adds enjoyment to daily life. She also believes that food is fuel. As an avid runner and fitness-lover, her personal goal is to put things into her body that will adequately fuel her to do the activities she loves. She is always on the lookout for delicious, easy, inexpensive, nutrient-filled recipes, and loves sharing them with The 360 Approach community via her “Try this” Tuesday posts!