Class Passes

The 360° Approach boasts a diverse class offering for various fitness levels and interests. We offer flexible-pricing options that include class passes for a set number of classes, unlimited class passes, and drop-in fees for single classes. You can make your purchase online and at the studio via credit card or cash.

Our mission has always been to support our community through wellness programs that support the whole person – your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The purpose of our Community Workouts has always been to provide access to quality fitness classes for everyone. Therefore, our class packages are priced on a sliding scale, so please pay what you can within the range. Those who can afford to pay more are helping cover costs for those who can’t.

Drop In
1 Class
5 Class Pass
5 Class Pass (10% discount)
*Expires 30 days.
10 Class Pass
10 Class Pass (15% discount)
*Expires 45 days
15 Class Pass
15 Class Pass (20% discount)
*Expires 90 days
20 Class Pass
20 Class Pass (25% discount)
*Expires 120 days
  • Unlimited Classes
    • 1 Year Unlimited Class PassFeatured
      Commit to Fit! Our Group fitness classes vary in style. and intensity. With an average of 25+ classes a week we offer something for everyone with a commitment to helping you move towards participants becoming fitter. Our fitness classes fall into three main categories: aerobic exercise (which focus on cardio and endurance) strength (which focus on muscular strength) and flexibility. We do offer several classes that combine 2 or 3 of the disciplines like D30 (30 minutes of Super Circuit Training followed by 30 minutes of yoga.) Our classes can range from low to high intensity, from Yoga for All to Bootcamp, Chanscamp or HIIT & Strength.